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After talks of hope from Hamas and Hezbollah on Wednesday, Bombing in Israel Escalates from Gaza and Lebanon Thursday morning.

January 8, 2009

It is not a happy day for humanity when violence and human mutilation escalates in Israel.  On Wednesday, it was being reported that there was hope of some form of cease fire being negotiated with the assistance of Sarkozy and Cairo, while Lebanon’s top MP reported that Hezbollah offered its assurances that it did not intend to bomb Israel (thereby putting Lebanon in the middle again).  By late Wednesday/early Thursday morning, however, the news tickers were sending out repeated reports, first of rockets being fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel, hitting West Galilee, Israel returning fire into Lebanon, and then at least six rockets being fired from Gaza.  

Out of deference for the suffering in Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon today, I will not be making any postings on this blawg, Twitter, or Facebook.  People are welcome to use the foregoing links to stay informed, and can subscribe to BNO News on Twitter for the latest breaking news.  I will follow the tickers, no doubt, but this is a day when my heart is breaking for those whose suffering sees no end.
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