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Tarkoff’s Legal Secy.

My name is actually Melisa L. Rockhill and I now have my J.D. I was assigned the moniker of “Tarkoff’s Legal Secretary,” however, by the Eleventh Circuit’s Judge Kravitch when she penned the opinion affirming the conviction of an innocent man, namely Michael H. Tarkoff. Unfortunately, the extent of the injustice in that case is largely known only by Michael and me. Over time, I will share some of the government misconduct that occurred in that case, as well as facts that Judge Lenard would not allow in evidence, which go to Michael’s innocence.

This was not the moniker I would have chosen for myself, and for many years I hid from it and the opinion riddled with my name for fear that someone would find out that I was “Tarkoff’s Legal Secretary.” I have, however, since realized that the mistakes I made in that case were fueled by fear and the reliance upon legal advice provided by one who was, quite simply, out of his league–the unethical conduct was squarely upon the shoulders of the government and that first attorney who, believed that under the attorney-client privilege, the entire city of Indianapolis was was client, as well as the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Miami, FL.

Consequently, I proudly stand next to Michael H. Tarkoff (who cannot escape the opinion) knowing that neither of us conducted ourselves in an unethical fashion throughout the saga of his case.

After Michael’s conviction, I focused my anger about that to which he and I were subjected to get through law school. During that time, I worked on 3 U.S. Supreme Court cases, and was twice flown to the U.S. Supreme Court for oral arguments in those cases. I researched and drafted all the briefs changing the law in the State of California when a published opinion was issued discrediting three other published opinions. Additionally, briefs I researched and drafted were responsible for the Orange County Sherriff changing its procedures for obtaining scientific evidence in DUI cases. I even sold one of my brief banks to the largest criminal defense law firm in the State of California, and trained their attorneys in administrative proceedings, writs, and appeals.

You can learn more about what I’ve been doing since being Tarkoff’s legal secretary at Linked In and Naymz.

My days of fighting injustice are largely behind me. My endeavor is to now inform others about the politics of white collar crime, corruption, and supporting those who continue on with the good fight while always shining a light on those who prefer to operate in the shadows.

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